Data Quality, Professional Cycling Style

Lance ArmstrongThe professional cycling sport has been havocked by the doping ghost during the last years with the confessions from Lance Armstrong as the latest paramount following other confessions for example by fellow Tour de France winner Bjarne Riis.

The word denial is probably the most central term in all this mess. The riders have kept denying the facts past the threshold of absurdity.

We do see a lot of the same kind of denial within the realm of data management where data quality issues obvious to everyone are denied often with the sentiment that of course there are a lot of data quality issues around, but certainly not with my data. My data is clean.

But they ain’t.

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2 thoughts on “Data Quality, Professional Cycling Style

  1. Gino Fortunato 19th January 2013 / 19:12

    an excellent analogy. To extend it further, cyclists have been getting caught doping for years, and yet they continue to do it. Data quality in most organizations has been proven to be terrible for years, but yet the organizations continue to do nothing about it.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 20th January 2013 / 08:28

      Right Gino. Wonder if that resembles different enforcements by regulatory bodies.

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