Customer Management, Data Quality and MDM

Today I am visiting the Call Centre and Customer Management Expo 2012 in London and have a chance to learn about what’s going on in this area – and what happens to data quality and master data management.

Postcodes Anywhere

At the PostcodeAnywhere stand the talk is about data quality. PostcodeAnywhere has become a well known vendor of services for validating addresses in the United Kingdom based on the unique structure of the UK postal code and addressing system. I had a chat with Marketing Executive Ed Nash about the challenges of delivering similar services for all the other countries on the planet with their particular ways of addressing.

Phone Number Testing

Peter Muswell of ”ThePhone Number Testing Company” describes his company as the best kept secret in customer management. Indeed, I haven’t heard of this service before. The trick is a service for testing if a phone number is alive or not – notably without making any ghost calls. The service works in the UK. It works in some other countries and it doesn’t work in some other other countries. Just like most other data quality services.

Social Customer Service

The stand is all about Social Customer Service. There is plenty of functionality offered for getting social with CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The tricky part, as confirmed by the representative, is to manage customer master data embracing all the traditional data as addresses and phone numbers and the new keys to social data being social network profile identifiers. Sure, there will be a huge demand for Social Master Data Management (Social MDM).

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