instant Data Quality and Business Value

During the last couple of years I have been working with a cloud service called instant Data Quality (iDQ™).

iDQ™ is basically a very advanced search engine capable of being integrated into business processes in order to get data quality for contact data right the first time and at the same time reduce the time needed for looking up and entering contact data.

With iDQ™ you are able to look up what is known about a given address, company and individual person in external sources (I call these big reference data) and what is already known inside your internal master data.

Orchestrating the contact data entry and maintenance processes this way does create better data quality along with creating business value.

The testimonials from current iDQ™ clients tells that story.

Dong Energy, a leader in providing clean and reliable energy, says:

Dong says

From the oil and gas industry Kuwait Petroleum, a company with trust as a core value, adds in:

Q8 says

In the non-profit sector the DaneAge Association, an organization supporting and counselling older people to make informed decisions, also get it:

DaneAge says

You may learn more about iDQ™ on the instant Data Quality site.

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