Photo Finish in MDM Vendor Race

With the London Olympics going on we will probably see a lot of winners after a photo finish.

I noticed another photo finish in a recent analyst report called The MDM Landscape Q2 2012 by the Information Difference.

The MDM (Master Data Management) vendors are scored by technology and market strength. If we look at the technology axis – the vertical one, there is a close race.

Orchestra shared the victory on twitter:

Kalido was also mentioned on twitter:

The linked press release from Kalido has a subtitle telling that Kalido was in front of the megavendors.

As mentioned in the report the vendors are actually not competing in the exact same discipline. Some vendors MDM offerings are part of a larger suite, some vendors focus on a single domain (like product) or industry and some vendors are generalists embracing multi-domain MDM.

This situation is also why another analyst firm, Gartner, have two magic quadrants for MDM vendors: One for customer MDM and one for product MDM.

However the trend is that more and more vendors are going towards multi-domain MDM. I know that for sure as I have been involved in one of the product MDM specialists journeys within multi-domain MDM.

So we could expect an even closer match in the Multi-Domain MDM race in the years to come.

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2 thoughts on “Photo Finish in MDM Vendor Race

  1. Christoph Balduck 30th July 2012 / 09:26

    It’s good to see some smaller MDM vendors getting higher up, and seeing some different quadrants from a company with big potential and interesting reports, but (as mentioned) we have to be careful with interpretations.

    The technology scoring includes (weighed) factors like: customer satisfaction, analyst impression, maturity in terms of its time in the market and the breadth of technology in terms of coverage against their functional model. I personally see some of the factors positioned outside a ‘Technology’ scoring.

    Nevertheless it’s always good to see some big potentials rising up and getting recognition for their work.


    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 30th July 2012 / 13:23

      Thanks for joining Christoph. Sure, the smaller MDM solution providers aren’t behind the big ones when it comes to whatever is not market strength. Another analyst report published last week, the Ventana Research Product Information Management Value Index, had Stibo Systems as the hottest vendor when it comes to managing the product domain.

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