Big Reference Data as a Service

This morning I read an article called The Rise of Big Data Apps and the Fall of SaaS by Raj De Datta on TechCrunch.

I think the first part of the title is right while the second part is misleading. Software as a Service (SaaS) will be a big part of Big Data Apps (BDA).

The article also includes a description of LinkedIn merely as a social recruitment service. While recruiters, as reported in the post Indulgent Moderator or Ruthless Terminator?, certainly are visible on this social network, LinkedIn is much more than that.

Among other things LinkedIn is a source of what I call big reference data as examined in the post Social MDM and Systems of Engagement.

Besides social network profiles big reference data also includes big directory services, being services with large amount of data about addresses, business entities and citizens/consumers as told in the post The Big ABC of Reference Data.

Right now I’m working with a Software as a Service solution embracing Big (Reference) Data as a Service thus being a Big Data App called instant Data Quality.

And hey, I have made a pin about that:

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