MDM Summit Europe 2012 Preview

I am looking forward to be at the Master Data Management Summit Europe 2012 next week in London. The conference runs in parallel with the Data Governance Conference Europe 2012.

Data Governance

As I am living within a short walking distance of the venue I won’t have so much time thinking as Jill Dyché had when she recently was on a conference within driving distance, as reported on her blog post After Gartner MDM in which Jill considers MDM and takes the road less traveled. In London Jill will be delivering a key note called: Data Governance, What Your CEO Needs to know.

On the Data Governance tracks there will be a panel discussion called Data Governance in a Regulatory Environment with some good folks: Nicola Askham, Dylan Jones, Ken O’Connor and Gwen Thomas.

Nicola is currently writing an excellent blog post series on the Six Characteristics Of A Successful Data Governance Practitioner. Dylan is the founder of DataQualityPro. Ken was the star on the OCDQblog radio show today discussing Solvency II and Data Quality.

Gwen, being the founder of The Data Governance Institute, is chairing the Data Governance Conference while Aaron Zornes, the founder of The MDM Institute, is chairing the MDM Summit.

Master Data, Social MDM and Reference Data Management

The MDM Institute lately had an “MDM Alert”  with Master Data Management & Data Governance Strategic Planning Assumptions for 2012-13 with the subtitle: Pervasive & Pandemic MDM is in Your Future.

Some of the predictions are about reference data and Social MDM.

Social master data management has been a favorite subject of mine the last couple of years, and I hope to catch up with fellow MDM practitioners and learning how far this has come outside my circles.

Reference Data is a term often used either instead of Master Data or as related to Master Data. Reference data is those data defined and initially maintained outside a single enterprise. Examples from the customer master data realm are a country list, a list of states in a given country or postal code tables for countries around the world.

The trend as I see it is that enterprises seek to benefit from having reference data in more depth than those often modest populated lists mentioned above. In the customer master data realm such big reference data may be core data about:

  • Addresses being every single valid address typically within a given country.
  • Business entities being every single business entity occupying an address in a given country.
  • Consumers (or Citizens) being every single person living on an address in a given country.

There is often no single source of truth for such data.

As I’m working with an international launch of a product called instant Data Quality (iDQ™) I look forward to explore how MDM analysts and practitioners are seeing this field developing.

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4 thoughts on “MDM Summit Europe 2012 Preview

  1. Dylan Jones 17th April 2012 / 11:22

    Hi Henrik

    Great intro and thanks for mentioning the Data Governance panel I’m moderating on the Tuesday, will be great to catch up again.

    If anyone has a question they would like to put forward to the panel, they can email me at or why not add it as a comment below?

  2. Jan Erik Ingvaldsen 17th April 2012 / 12:20

    Hi Henrik
    I’m envious! Have a great conference.
    Jan Erik

  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 19th April 2012 / 10:07

    Thanks Dylan and Jan Erik.

  4. andrewb47 11th February 2016 / 13:20

    I’m planning to be there.

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