Lean Social MDM

I have previously written some blog posts about “Social MDM” using the term “Social MDM” to describe the trend of having social media (master) data as a new complexity on top of the already known conundrum of mastering traditional master data.

Stephan Zoder of IBM Initiate discussed this topic in a recent post called CMM is Actually High-Frequency, Social MDM (where CMM is about Customer Motivation Management).

As I also briefly examined the term “Lean MDM” last week I wonder if it is possible to start embracing social media (master) data under a term as “Lean Social MDM”.

The lean MDM post included an actual real life project I have been involved in, which was about how the car rental giant Avis achieved lean MDM for the Scandinavian business.

An underlying business case for this project was that many decisions about car rental is made by individual persons who may act as an employee at (changing) employers and as private renters. Therefore the emphasis of the master data management was at the person in contact, user and private roles.

Having a “single person view” is in my eyes, if it wasn’t before, a good place to start your “Lean Social MDM” journey.

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One thought on “Lean Social MDM

  1. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 25th August 2011 / 12:20

    On Google+ Jean-Michel Franco commented:

    .. relying on social media to articulate a single person view is a good idea and will be a big thing I feel. I find very interesting things happening in the the social sign-on area, where customer are asked to connect with the enterprises through their social identity. Companies like Janrain or Gigya even allow customer to join which Identity they want to use (eg : Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Linkedin…).

    An interesting thing also is you can let the customer manage his own record if he wants (eg : add personal info or not ; use profesionnal identity rather than personal for some interactions )

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