Lean MDM

With a discipline as master data management there will of course always be an agile or lean way of doing things.

What is lean MDM?

A document from 2008 called A LEAN APPROACH TO MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT by Duff Bailey examines the benefits of lean MDM.

The document has a view close to me saying that: “While there is little argument over what constitutes an individual person, many existing data models make the mistake of modeling “roles” (customer, employee, stock-holder, vendor contact, etc.) instead”.

As discussed in the article similar views can be made around organization entities, location entities and product entities.

In conclusion Duff says that: “Because of their universality and their abstract nature, these core data models can be established quickly, without the need for lengthy review that normally accompanies an enterprise data model. Thereafter, the focus of the lean data managemnent effort will be to grow the models and populate the repositories in support of specific business objectives”.

MDM in the high gear

The fast time-to-value for lean MDM was also emphasized by MDM guru Aaron Zornes in a tweet yesterday:

The mentioned LeanMDM offer from Omikron Data Quality (which is one of my employers) is described in the link (in German). A short resume of the text is that you among other things will get this from lean MDM:

  • An increase in the corporate value of customer data
  • Short project times and fast results
  • Lower implementation costs through service-oriented architecture (SOA)

I have been involved in one of the implementations of the LeanMDM concept as described in this article (in English) about how the car rental giant Avis achieved lean MDM for the Scandinavian business.

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