Timing Your Social Media Activity

When engaging in social media I often consider what time and what day to publish a new blog post, tweeting about it and promoting it on LinkedIn.

My audience is roughly distributed as 40 % Americas (almost all in North America), 40 % EMEA (almost all in Europe) and 20 % Asia and Pacifics.

That makes it a pretty much around the clock audience with a peak in page views and comments between UTC 14:00 and 17:00, which is when the working day in Europe is still on and the Americans are waking up.  However that doesn’t necessary mean that I should publish in the peak hours. In fact I haven’t been able to measure that the time of publishing affects number of page views and comments. So I’ll keep on publishing at the time I have anything to say and have the time to write about it.

If I look at weekdays working days are double as busy as weekends with Monday as best day probably catching up with people that don’t do social media in weekends. So I’ll keep on publishing at the days I have anything to say and feel inspired to write about it.

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