Finding Finland

This is the fourth post in a series of short blog posts focusing on data quality related to different countries around the world. I am not aiming at presenting a single version of the full truth but rather presenting a few random observations that I hope someone living in or with knowledge about the country are able to clarify in a comment.

Let’s start with Finnish

Finland is situated in the North Eastern corner of Europe. The Finnish language is together with Estonian and Hungarian much longer south in Europe totally different from the neighboring countries languages which are Germanic or Slavic. Swedish is also an official language in Finland, and in some parts of Finland cities and streets have both (usually totally different) Finnish and Swedish names.


The by far largest company in Finland is the cell phone maker Nokia. Before the cell phone was invented Nokia made paper and galoshes – the old way of connecting people. Nokia also from 2006 to 2008 owned the data quality firm Identity Systems. It was sold to Informatica. I guess Identity Systems connected with the Gaelic Tiger firm Similarity Systems make up the data matching capabilities at Informatica.


One of the remaining (relatively) larger independent data matching firms in the world is Syslore. Syslore is hiding in Finland.

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