Check out the Czech Republic

This is the first post in a planned series of short blog posts focusing on data quality related to different countries around the world. I am not aiming at presenting a single version of the full truth but rather presenting a few random observations that I hope someone living in or with knowledge about the country are able to clarify in a comment.

Companies all over

Last time I checked the Czech Republic had the highest number of Duns Numbers (unique company ID’s in the Dun & Bradstreet WorldBase) per capita in the world. Wonder if this is because of a very effective public sector registration, some special rules for incorporation or is it duplicates?

Exonyms, endonyms and beers

Many Czeck cities are known by the English exonyms (the name in English) but of course have a local endonym (name in Czech). The capital Prague is Praha in Czech. The town Pilsen is called Plzeň in Czech, but there are several towns around the world called Pilsen – and then of course there is a sort of beer called pilsener. (České) Budějovice is Czech for Budweis in German and English. We are certainly talking beer here also.


The data quality and master data management firm Ataccama was founded in the Czech Republic.

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