Multi-Commerce Data Quality

A month ago I wrote about Multi-Channel Data Quality. Multi-Commerce and the related data quality is pretty much another term covering the same challenges which is that despite we today talk a lot about eCommerce, being doing business online, we still have a lot of business going on offline. So we have challenges with online data quality, offline data quality and not at least a single view of online/offline data quality.

According to the Gartner Hype Cycle there is such a thing as Multicommerce Master Data Management. This discipline has just passed the expectation peak but will, according to Gartner, be absorbed by Multidomain Master Data Management on the descent before climbing up again towards enlightenment and productivity.

As data quality and master data management are best friends I find it very likely that Multi-Commerce Data Quality will be all about Multi-Domain Master Data Management, including:

  • Having a single business partner view (that includes single customer view) encompassing all online and offline activities
  • Having a unified way of maintaining and exposing product data online and offline
  • Having the means for doing content management (that includes unstructured data) embracing online presentation as well as offline distribution.    

I also see Multi-Domain Master Data Management as not only doing master data management for several data domains at the same time (with the same software brand), but also exploring the intersections between the different domains.

If you for example look at a customer/product matrix you may add a third dimension being a channel where we examine the relations between a customer type, a product type/attribute and a given channel, thus having a 3D picture of doing business in a multi-commerce environment.

If you are interested in Multi-Domain Master Data Management including how Multi-Commerce Master Data Management and related data quality are developing right now, then please join the LinkedIn group for Multi-Domain MDM by clicking on the puzzle.

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2 thoughts on “Multi-Commerce Data Quality

  1. Garnie Bolling 7th March 2011 / 16:58

    A story that has been sought after for years in this space Henrik. How do you take two or more different MDM entities and bring them together without the need to rediscover the data models in a big EDW. 🙂 Thanks for post.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 7th March 2011 / 17:15

      Thanks Garnie. Surely a Multi-Domain MDM solution as a foundation for an EDW solution seems like nirvana.

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