Fitness Data

About a month ago I wrote about how my personal data was on-boarded in the local fitness club in the post called Right the First Time.

Since then I have actually succeeded in visiting the gym twice a week and used the amazing technology necessary to get me in action.

As a complete data geek I of course use the full TV screen on the machine not to watch TV but to display the full dashboard with key performance indicators related to my workout. These include:

  • Time done / remaining
  • Pulse with red alert when I’m over the healthy threshold for my age
  • Distance I would have gone if I wasn’t in the same fixed position
  • Calories burned

As with many data presentations we here have a mix of hard facts, like the time done, and then some assumed figures like calories burned. The machine doesn’t really measure the actual accurate burning but calculates the assumed burning as a function of power level, speed, my weight and age.  

It’s actually a question if I really want to know about the calories burned. My conclusion is yes. The time done is wasted anyway, the high pulse doesn’t last and the distance is virtual. So the calories burned fit the purpose of use. It keeps me going.   

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4 thoughts on “Fitness Data

  1. Crysta 10th February 2011 / 19:30

    Love it, Henrik! I too log my workouts. I have a Garmin GPS watch that lets me upload all the data about a run (average page, fastest/slowest pace, total distance and time, calories, route, etc). I also keep spreadsheets of my strength training sessions, with total repetitions and the weight used for each set.

    It’s great motivation when you have data to help prove you’ve made progress.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 10th February 2011 / 19:43

      Thanks Crysta for running by. Keep it going.

  2. Graig Fishbaugh 24th February 2011 / 02:32

    [Was spam] Great material, thank you. I would just to point out that even the Mayo clinic says that vigorous exercise while pregnant can be good for you.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 24th February 2011 / 08:03

      Really, but I’m not pregnant, I just need some more exercise.

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