Product Placement

This wasn’t actually meant as a blog post series about the place entity in multi-domain master data management. But I think I have been carried away by my work, so now it is.

Places probably are most common related to the party domain as seen in the previous post called A Place in Time. But places certainly also have multiple relations to the product domain then forming a P trinity of parties, products and places in multi-domain master data management as seen in the post Your Place or My Place?

As with most things in the product domain also the product-place relations usually are very industry specific.

Some of the product-place relations I have worked with come from these industries:


The fees you have to pay for some insurance products are related to the place where you live. In order to having the right fees (and for a lot of other reasons) an insurance company needs to analyze data based on the product-place relations. This may by the way go very wrong as told in the post A Really Bad Address.


Your product is a place where the selling attributes includes both the properties belonging to the place itself and the properties of the places being nearby.

Real Estate

Do I have to say more than three words: Location, Location, Location.

Your product-place relations

Tell me about what product-place relations you have worked with?

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