We Will Become More Open

Yesterday I read a post called Taking Stock Of DQ Predictions For 2011 by Clarke Patterson of Informatica Corporation. Informatica is a well established vendor within data integration, data quality and master data management. The post is based on post called Six Data Management Predictions for 2011 by Steve Sarsfield of Talend. Talend is an open source vendor within data integration, data quality and master data management.

One of the six predictions for 2011 is: Data will become more open.

Steves (open source based) take on this is:

“In the old days good quality reference data was an asset kept in the corporate lockbox. If you had a good reference table for common misspellings of parts, cities, or names for example, the mind set was to keep it close and away from falling into the wrong hands.  The data might have been sold for profit or simply not available.  Today, there really is no “wrong hands”.  Governments and corporations alike are seeing the societal benefits of sharing information. More reference data is there for the taking on the internet from sites like data.gov and geonames.org.  That trend will continue in 2011.  Perhaps we’ll even see some of the bigger players make announcements as to the availability of their data. Are you listening Google?”

Clarkes (propriety software based) take is as follows:

“As data becomes more open, data quality tools will need to be able to handle data from a greater number of sources used for a broader number of purposes.  Gone are the days of single domain data manipulation.  To excel in this new, open market, you’ll need a data quality tool that can profile, cleanse and monitor data regardless of domain, that is also locale-aware and has pre-built rules and reference data.”

I agree with both views which by the way are on each of The Two Sides To The IT Coin – Data Centric IT vs Process Centric IT as explained by Robin Bloor in another recent post on the blog by data integration vendor Pervasive Software.

Steves and Clarkes perspectives are also close to me as my 2011 to do list includes:

  • Involvement in a solution called iDQ (instant Data Quality). The solution is about how we can help system users doing data entry by adding some easy to use technology that explores the cloud for relevant data related to the entry being done.
  • Helping enhancing a hot MDM hub solution with further data quality and multi-domain capabilities.

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4 thoughts on “We Will Become More Open

  1. William Sharp 13th January 2011 / 16:46

    I, for one, am looking forward to this evolution. I think Talend is one of those pioneers in this aspect!
    Thanks for the encouraging post!

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 13th January 2011 / 17:06

      Thanks William. Lots of options in the future indeed as I also know that you are very capable with the Informatica tools as shown in post called On Cloud 9

  2. Lindsey Niedzielski 14th January 2011 / 23:12


    Thank you for the great post. I really how you have included your own resolutions you are working on. We have a community for IM professionals (www.openmethodology.org) and have bookmarked this post for our users. Look forward to reading your work in the future.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 15th January 2011 / 12:10

      Thanks Lindsey. Openmethodology is a great example of open initiatives.

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