A Prince and a Princess

Even though I’m not a royalist I’m afraid this will be the second hypocritical blog post within a year with a royal introduction.  The first one was about Royal Exceptions.

The big news on all channels today in Denmark (and Australia) is that (Australian born) Crown Princess Mary has given birth to twins; a boy and a girl then being a prince and a princess or as we say in blunt data quality language: A male and a female.  

The gender of individuals has always been a prominent element in party master data management and not at least in data matching.

Right now we are having a discussion in the LinkedIn Data Matching group concerning Data Quality of Gender / Sex Codes and the Impacts on Identity Data Matching.

So far we have covered issues as:

  • Trustworthiness for assigned gender codes
  • Scoring mechanisms in matching including gender codes
  • Diversity impact in assigning/verifying gender from names
  • Using gender codes for salutation

Please join the discussion and if you are not already a member of the LinkedIn Data Matching group: Join the group here.

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