Diversity in Data Quality in 2010

Diversity in data quality is a favorite topic of mine and diversity has been my theme word in social media engagement this year.

Fortunately I’m not alone. Others have been writing about diversity in data quality in the past year. Here are some of the contributions I remember:

The Dutch data quality tool vendor Human Inference has a blog called Data Value Talk. Here several posts are about diversity in data quality including the post World Languages Day – Linguistic diversity rules in Switserland!

Another blog based in the Netherlands is from Graham Rhind. Graham (a Brit stranded in Amsterdam) is an expert in international issues with data quality and one of his blog posts this year is called Robert the Carrot.

The MDM Vendor IBM Initiate has a lively blog about Master Data Management and Data Quality. One of the posts this year was an introduction to a webinar. The post by Scott Schumacher (in which I’m proud to be mentioned) is called Join Us to Demystify Multi-Cultural Name Matching.

Rich Murnane posted a funny but learning video with Derek Sivers about Japanese addresses called What is the name of that block? (Again, thanks Rich for the mention).

In the eLearningCurve free webinar series there was a very educational session with Kathy Hunter called Overcoming the Challenges of Global Data.  There is also an interview with Kathy Hunter on the DataQualityPro site.

I also remember we debated the state of the art of data quality tools when it comes to international data in the post by Jim Harris called OOBE-DQ, Where Are You? As Jim mentions in his later post called Do you believe in Magic (Quadrants)?: “It must be noted that many vendors (including the “market leaders”) continue to struggle with their International OOBE-DQ”.

I guess that international capabilities in data quality tools and party master data management solutions will be on the agenda in 2011 as well.

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