The article on Wikipedia about automation begins like this:

“Automation is the use of control systems and information technologies to reduce the need for human work in the production of goods and services. In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization. Whereas mechanization provided human operators with machinery to assist them with the muscular requirements of work, automation greatly decreases the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well. Automation plays an increasingly important role in the world economy.

Automation has had a notable impact in a wide range of industries beyond manufacturing (where it began). Once-ubiquitous telephone operators have been replaced largely by automated telephone switchboards and answering machines.”

Often we discuss the role of technology in solving data and information quality issues. Viewpoints differ between:

  • Technology may be part of the problem, but should not be part of the solution
  • Tools may solve a certain part of the problems by automating else time consuming processes

I am deliberately not stating the extreme viewpoint that tools (or a certain tool) will solve everything, as I have never seen or heard that viewpoint as mentioned in the post Data Quality Tool Exaggerations.

So, given that range, my viewpoint is the second extreme viewpoint of the ones mentioned above.

If you surprisingly should have a more extreme viewpoint you may go to the OCDQ Blog post called What Does Data Quality Technology Want? and vote for the second option there.

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