Christmas Tree Options

Today the last Sunday before Christmas seems to be a good day for selecting a Christmas tree.

We are considering two different options:

  • As most times before we will find a tree as wide and high as possible for the room so it may be decorated with as much of different stuff we have collected during the years as well as some of the precious things passed down from previous generations. It will be cut over the root, but that’s not a problem since we will throw it away after Christmastide.
  • Another option is having a smaller tree still with the root on planted in a pot. We will then have to carefully select the decoration. The advantage is that it can be reused on the terrace during the year and then, a little taller, as Christmas tree again next year.   

Well, not that different from the considerations about data quality, data warehouse and business intelligence projects and programs from my workdays.

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Options

  1. jt 19th December 2010 / 11:53

    I like the second option, but then that is partly because we only just have room for a small tree! We did get a new tree this year, but the old one is still going strong…

  2. Jim Harris 19th December 2010 / 17:13

    Oh Christmas themed blog post! Oh Christmas themed blog post!
    How well Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen has written thee!

    I like the Christmas tree data quality and data governance metaphor for a one-time project versus a sustained program, as well as a big bang approach versus iterative improvements.

    However, my family always bought an artificial tree. So although this provided a reusable option for the next Christmas, it couldn’t be used throughout the year (like your smaller potted tree growing on the terrace).

    Perhaps an artificial Christmas tree is a metaphor for implementing a sustained program of defect prevention where “the data will always be entered right, the first time, every time” creating high quality but static data that doesn’t remain synchronized with the changing realities of real-world that it is attempting to describe?

    Or perhaps an artificial Christmas tree is a metaphor for believing that technology alone is solution to data quality . . . it’s a Christmas (Technological) Miracle!

    Or perhaps I am stretching the metaphor too far (as usual).

    Happy Holidays,



  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 19th December 2010 / 17:39

    Thanks for the Sunday before Christmas comments James and Jim.

    James, good to see your old tree being upgraded to outdoor service.

    Jim, I’m surprised you have artificial Christmas trees in the US 😉 – so now there are three tree options.

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