The Value of Free Address Data

In yesterdays blog post I wrote about Free and Open Sources of Reference Data. As mentioned we have had some discussions in my home country Denmark about fees for access to public sector data.

However since 2002 basic Danish public sector data about addresses has been free without a fee. This summer a report about the benefits from this practice was released. Link in Danish here.

I’ll quote the key findings:

  • The direct economic gains for the Danish community in the last five years 2005-2009 is approximately 471 million DKK (63 million EUR). The total cost until 2009 has been about 15 million DKK (2 million EUR).
  • Approximately 30% of the profits are made in the public sector and approximately 70% at the private actors.

I think this is a fine example of the win-win situation we’ll get when sharing data between public sector and private sector.

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