instant Data Quality

My last blog post was all about how data quality issues in most cases are being solved by doing data cleansing downstream in the data flow within an enterprise and the reasons for doing that.

However solving the issues upstream wherever possible is of course the better option. Therefore I am very optimistic about a project I’m involved in called instant Data Quality.

The project is about how we can help system users doing data entry by adding some easy to use technology that explores the cloud for relevant data related to the entry being done. Doing that has two main purposes:

  • Data entry becomes more effective. Less cumbersome investigation and fewer keystrokes.
  • Data quality is safeguarded by better real world alignment.

The combination of a more effective business process that also results in better data quality seems to be good – like a sugar-coated vitamin pill. By the way: The vitamin pill metaphor also serves well as vitamin pills should be supplemented by a healthy life style. It’s the same with data management.

Implementing improved data quality by better real world alignment may go beyond the usual goal for data quality being meeting the requirements for the intended purpose of use.  This means that you instantly are getting more by doing less.

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2 thoughts on “instant Data Quality

  1. William Sharp 13th January 2011 / 16:49

    I’ll be looking out for this … hopefully in English?

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 13th January 2011 / 16:58

      Thanks William. Yes, I think English (and more) will be needed when we go for world dominance 🙂

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