No Re-Tweets?

12 hours ago from now I noticed the following tweet on Twitter from the profile @GartnerTedF:

The person behind @GartnerTedF is the analyst Ted Friedman of Gartner, Inc. He is a very important person in the data quality realm as he co-writes the Magic Quadrant.

Many of Ted’s tweets are usually re-tweeted by other tweeps.

But not this one.

I think I know why: It’s because technology simply doesn’t work.

I have noticed this often. What happens is that twitter somehow simply doesn’t index some tweets from time to time, so people don’t see them.

6 thoughts on “No Re-Tweets?

  1. Michelle Corsano 22nd July 2010 / 16:58

    Twitter experiences downtime and API issues which may cause some delay in tweets. However, it is not an issue of indexing.

    Suggest it is more an issue around the real-time nature of Twitter: Ted’s followers may have simply not checked into their Twitter stream to have read his tweet between the time it was sent and the time you wrote this post. Else they may not have read his or related #dataquality tweets during same time.

    I hope Ted does not expect all of his tweets to be RTed – missing one in particular is of no consequence.

  2. Ted Friedman 22nd July 2010 / 17:11

    @Michelle: I have no expectation that anything I tweet will be RT’d. Did you notice that Henrik has classified this blog entry as “supposed to be a joke”?

    The real issue is that most people following #dataquality on Twitter are vendors of tools — so “data quality tools don’t work” is not something they wish to broadcast! 🙂

    • Clarence Hempfield 22nd July 2011 / 19:41

      Absolutely. Unless of course you know for a fact that it is not your technology that you were referencing. 😉

  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 22nd July 2010 / 20:35

    Thanks Michelle and Ted.

    Actually my initial tweet announcing this post with hashtag #dataquality don’t show if you search for #dataquality via twitter web or tweetdeck (using API). Twitter does have a problem, I’m sure.

    So do data quality tools of course (my initial point). We have a long but exciting path ahead.

  4. Steve Sarsfield 22nd July 2010 / 20:45

    Actually, I did respond to Ted’s tweet (without a #dataquality tag, sorry). Although I tweet for myself, I do work for a DQ vendor. My response was:

    @GartnerTedF Complex business rules r def a discipline in and of themselves. Industry needs to suprt tools like

    Although cryptic, the tweet referred to Talend’s support of the JBOSS business rules engine. The rules engine allows business users to define rules interpreted at run-time. Users can change the behavior of the data integration/data quality processes by redefining rules leveraging JBoss Rules.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 22nd July 2010 / 20:52

      Thanks Steve. Never underestimate the power of open source 🙂 and sorry for not taking your re-tweet into account.

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