The Many Worlds of Data Quality

This morning I had some fun reading the articles on Wikipedia explaining about Data Quality.

I tried to compare the texts available in:

I am afraid that the quality of texts and some differences between how the subject is presented in the different languages shows the immaturity of the data quality discipline and not at least the lack of global embracement that is seen in literature, published articles and the technology available.

Three observations from the Wikipedia articles:

The French piece is in some parts a translation from the English text. However the translation became very difficult in the History section, as the English text here has the well known narrowly United States scope.

The German text is completely different from the English text. Also the title is Information Quality. The references are largely from German authors.

The Japanese text seems to be a Google Translate of the (former) English text. This is strange as much of the quality inspiration originally came from Japan.

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2 thoughts on “The Many Worlds of Data Quality

  1. John Owens 7th July 2010 / 09:00

    Hi Henrik

    Coming from Ireland and having lived many years in the UK, where the majority of people only speak one language, I am amazed at your multi-lingual abilities. Not only have you looked at three European languages, but also Japanese! Bravo!

    One very interesting point that arose is the German title of “Information Quality”. This is in fact a much better title than “Data Quality” for it is the quality of the information (i.e. data in a context) that is the real issue, rather than the items of data themselves.

    The data items might well be correct, but in the wrong context, thus negating the overall quality of the information, which is what the enterprises uses. It will be interesting to see how long it is before data quality industry arrives at this conclusion. But, if they ever do, who will be courageous enough to say so?


  2. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 7th July 2010 / 09:27

    Thanks John.

    For the Japanese text I did use Google Translate 🙂

    The question about if it is “data quality” or “information quality” is indeed ever recurring. My take is that it is both. I remember we discussed it in addition to an interview with Larry English on DataQualityPro here.

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