Diversity in data quality is a recurring subject of mine. I think the issues with data quality and diversity resembles a recurring event in Europe being the yearly Eurovision Song Contest. This year the contest was held in Oslo the past week.

Every participating country brings a song. The text may be in any language which then mostly is either English or your different local language(s). Some songs have an international sound while other songs have a strong recognizable local sound. This year I noticed:

  • The winning song from Germany was in the international category, performed in English.
  • As UK songs usually have an international sound and are performed in English the British song handicapped itself with a +20 year old sound leading to a similar position in the finale.
  • Netherlands had a winning strategy with a local sound performed in Dutch. Big hit in Holland I think, but didn’t make it to the finale.

The voting process was as usual criticized as there is a tendency that neighboring countries favors each other such as done by Balkan countries – and the Viking nations.

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2 thoughts on “Eurovisions

  1. Garnie Bolling 1st June 2010 / 15:44

    Wait, I say let the rest of the world vote on it. I mean if you want unbiased opinions, go outside the EU 🙂 (but it is like that in the Olympics)

    Seems that is also a recurring theme in data quality; if you go outside your organization / company, you will get another view of your data.

    Sometimes the truth hurts, or in a hopeful sense, your data is golden 🙂

  2. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 1st June 2010 / 19:49

    Thanks Garnie, you are right, a second opinion is most often very useful.

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