What a Happy Day

I have got a lot of good news today.

First a Nigerian gentleman wants to deposit 40.5 M $ on my bank account and 35 % is for me to keep. Wow.

Next it seems that data quality improvement and master data management is not about technology at all. Practically you only need smart people doing smart processes. Wow.

Nobody actually needs my assistance that much and soon I will have plenty of money in the bank.

8 thoughts on “What a Happy Day

  1. kenoconnordataconsultant 20th April 2010 / 14:47


    I’m delighted to hear your day is going so well for you.

    If you like, I will share with you my winnings in the Spanish lottery (which remarkably I have won again – according to the e-mail I received !).

    Data Quality tools are of course critical – but one must first understand what one wants to achieve with them.

    Furthermore, in my opinion, one of the most critical success factors in an MDM or any Data Quality initiative is the corporate culture regarding data. If the corporate culture is to treat data as a critical enterprise resource, one has a reasonable chance of success.

    If you know of any tool that can change corporate culture, please let me know.

    Rgds Ken

  2. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 20th April 2010 / 14:56

    Thanks Ken. And congratulation with the lottery win.

    As for tools to change corporate culture I know that both carrots and sticks have been tried for a few thousand years now – but I haven’t heard about any sustainable success.

  3. Steve Putman 20th April 2010 / 17:35

    Henrik –

    All you’d need is a sunny day and pizza delivery and the day would be complete!

    – SP

  4. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 20th April 2010 / 19:18

    Steve, pizza, what a splendid idea.

    As I always say: The only tool I need for home improvement – and cooking – is a telephone.

    PS: If it turns out you will need a tool for data quality, say for matching some million international party master data rows after an acquisition, the phone number is +45 70 26 88 28.

  5. Garnie Bolling 20th April 2010 / 23:37

    Let me know when you need help spending the money from Nigeria… I can help you find some great activities that will spend your money, and of course we all will be along as your advisors 🙂

    Pizza sounds good, and with Ken’s Lottery winnings, we should have one heck of a party !!!

    (oh, and yes, I side with you and Ken, we need the tooling, and how to USE THEM CORRECTLY) 🙂

  6. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 21st April 2010 / 06:01

    Thanks Garnie. Maybe the easiest thing for me to do then is to pass your e-mail to my Nigerian friends and get back to work on how to use the DQ tools in the best way.

  7. Thorsten 21st April 2010 / 07:43

    I think you’ve got it wrong .. all that is needed is a DQ tool and that will take care of everything.
    Let’s get together to discuss this further .. I can drive up to Kopenhagen in the car I won being the 1.000.000th visitor of a website (no kidding!).

  8. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 21st April 2010 / 08:00

    Thorsten, you are so very welcome. Maybe you can help me with some smarter software 🙂

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