2010 predictions

Today this blog has been live for ½ year, Christmas is just around the corner in countries with Christian cultural roots and a new year – even decade – is closing in according to the Gregorian calendar.

It’s time for my 2010 predictions.


Over at the Informatica blog Chris Boorman and Joe McKendrick are discussing who’s going to win next years largest sport event: The football (soccer) World Cup. I don’t think England, USA, Germany (or my team Denmark) will make it. Brazil takes a co-favorite victory – and home team South Africa will go to the semi-finals.


Brazil and South Africa also had main roles in the recent Climate Summit in my hometown Copenhagen. Despite heavy executive buy-in a very weak deal with no operational Key Performance Indicators was reached here. Money was on the table – but assigned to reactive approaches.

Our hope for avoiding climate catastrophes is now related to national responsibility and technological improvements.

Data Quality

Reactive approach, lack of enterprise wide responsibility and reliance on technological improvements are also well known circumstances in the realm of data quality.

I think we have to deal with this also next year. We have to be better at working under these conditions. That means being able to perform reactive projects faster and better while also implementing prevention upstream. Aligning people, processes and technology is a key as ever in doing that. 

Some areas where we will see improvements will in my eyes be:

  • Exploiting rich external reference data
  • International capabilities
  • Service orientation
  • Small business support
  • Human like technology

The page Data Quality 2.0 has more content on these topics.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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