Man versus Computer. Special Edition.

trafficFollowing up on my previous post on Man versus Computer I am actually most workday mornings reminded about how man sucks.

Most workday mornings I leave home in my car heading into the following traffic:

  • A 4 lane motorway rolling in from southern Copenhagen, rest of Denmark, Germany and ultimately rest of Eurasia.
  • A 5th lane coming in from a local area.

These 5 lanes then split into:

  • 2 lanes heading for the Danish answer to Silicon Valley (called Ballerup)
  • 3 lanes leading to downtown Copenhagen or the main fair (called Bella Center), airport, Sweden and rest of Scandinavia.

Of course you will expect some mingling here. What happens every morning is rather a complete stop in traffic and the cause is not the merge and splitting but humans being drivers as:

  • Experienced local selfish drivers staying in the fastest lane until they suddenly want to switch lane according to their ongoing route.
  • Unexperienced (in this area) foreign drivers coming up from crowded central Europe in search for tranquility deep into the Swedish forests having no clue about where to position in this intersection. The same goes for Swedes returning for the opposite reason.
  • Everyone else having fun rejecting the switching from the selfish types and the foreign ones who should know better than passing in rush hours.

Some solutions to this problem might be:

  • Change Management learning people better driving habits.
  • Onboard computer in every car taking care of lane positioning. Should go smooth splitting 5 lanes into 2 + 3 lanes.

Now I am waiting for which solution that will be implemented first.

5 thoughts on “Man versus Computer. Special Edition.

  1. Christopher Hill 30th October 2009 / 07:07

    I feel your pain.

    I grew up in farm land that is now Orange County California. Same problems.

  2. Diego 1st November 2009 / 15:54

    Well, in this case I would prefer some Change management, and in within this, I would approach the possibility to improve the quality of the traffic signs, meaning with this trying to improve the information provided to especially those unexperienced drivers you mention.


  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 1st November 2009 / 18:08

    Thanks Christopher and Diego.

    Diego, certainly guiding the unexperienced is the low hanging fruit in change management. Aligning the experienced ones to follow common goals rather than personal but motivating goals is a bit harder.

  4. Max Tobiasen 4th November 2009 / 17:43

    You should check out this website about trafficjams, how they occur and and how they can easily be solved. It’s simple mathematics, and it seems to work well.

    Besides it’s an elegant solution ot an ugly problem.

    Greetings from another resident of Copenhagen.

  5. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 7th November 2009 / 08:45

    Thanks for sharing Max.

    Oh yes, do man’s reaction time suck.

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