Follow Friday Master Data Hub

Social Networking needs Master Data Management.

brownbird_leftA recurring event every Friday on Twitter is the #FollowFriday with the acronym #FF, where people on Twitter tweets about who to follow.

I do it too and as every one else sometimes I perhaps forget someone, and then (s)he gets angry and don’t #FF me and that’s bad. Bad Data Management. Bad #mdm.

So now I have started building a Master Data Hub fit for the purpose of doing consistent #FF. I do see other purposes for this as well as I recognize the advantages of combining data sources, so I did a #datamatching with LinkedIn connections to improve #dataquality through Identity Resolution.

This is as far I am now (very convenient that WordPress lets me edit my blog posts):

@ReferenceData where is Staff Writer

@KenOConnorData is

@ocdqblog is a blog where is blogger-in-chief

@dataqualitypro is a community founded by

Dylan was a @Datanomic partner where @SteveTuck is

@InitiateSystems has a CTO = @wmmarty who is

@VishAgashe is

@KeithMesser is running @GlobalMktgPros

@fionamacd is at @TrilliumSW as seen here

So is @stevesarsfield being

Trillium is owned by Harte-Hanks where @MarkGoloboy also was

@biknowledgebase is operated by

@Dataexperts has a managing director who is

@IDResolution (Infoglide) has several Data Matching members in including

@rdrijsen is with possible duplicate

@grahamrhind is

@omathurin is

@zzubbuzz is probably

@CharlesBurleigh is

@wesharp is doing @dqchronicle

@decisionstats has an editor being

@jeric40 is my colleague at Omikron as shown here

2 thoughts on “Follow Friday Master Data Hub

  1. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 31st July 2010 / 14:12

    Sevilla, España, 1 year later:

    Like the shoemakers children are going around in bad shoes I haven’t been good at maintaining my #FF #MDM. Mañana – or next week or so – I will try again.

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