Data Quality Milestones

milestoneI have a page on this blog with the heading “Data Quality 2.0”. The page is about what the near future in my opinion will bring in the data quality industry. In recent days there were some comments on the topic. My current summing up on the subject is this:

Data Quality X.X are merely maturity milestones where:

Data Quality 0.0 may be seen as a Laissez-faire state where nothing is done.

Data Quality 1.0 may be seen as projects for improving downstream data quality typically using batch cleansing with national oriented techniques in order to make data fit for purpose.

Data Quality 2.0 may be seen as agile implementation of enterprise wide and small business data quality upstream prevention using multi-cultural combined techniques exploiting cloud based reference data in order to maintain data fit for multiple purposes.

2 thoughts on “Data Quality Milestones

  1. vishagashe 25th July 2009 / 20:25

    I like the way you are defining Data Quality 2.0. In your definition there is more meat than just marketing slogan… I would also add (may be in 3.0 or future versions)…. mandate to move fixing capability from downstream to upstream as a enterprise drive.

    Vish Agashe

  2. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 26th July 2009 / 07:01

    Thanks Vish. The characteristic of 1.0 downstream and 2.0 upstream placement also was mentioned by Dylan Jones in his comments earlier, so I actually missed to include this important change. It is included now.

    Also I took the liberty of including “agile” based on your fresh blog post on agile implementation:

    On a personal note I have always been a believer in agile development and used it before SCRUM and DSDM became household terms.

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