New Standards

This morning people in the United States will not wake up to the date being 04/01/2013. Instead the date will be 01/04/2013 as it is in the rest of the world. The days of the mm/dd/yyyy date format are counted.

In a related statement a US government representative writes: What can be standardized must be standardised.

celcius fahrenheitThis is only the first step in a plan for the US to adapt to other more commonly used standards world-wide. The Fahrenheit temperature scale will be changed to Celsius by the 04/01/2014 for degrees below 0 Celsius (formerly 01/04/2014 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit).  When spring comes along at the 01/04/2014 (formerly 04/01/2014) the change will be due also for all warm degrees.

In another move the United Kingdom has released plans for changing from driving in the wrong side of the road to driving in the right side of the road. There will be a phased implementation starting with lorries, then black London Taxis and red double-decker busses and finally all other vehicles.

The phased implementation is explained by a UK government spokesman by saying: We don’t believe in a big bang implementation.

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