What’s in a Blog Post Title?

I don’t know about you. But I am a slave to numbers and statistics and can’t help following my WordPress statistics telling me about pageviews – not at least pageviews per post.

There are huge differences in the number of visitors who views the different posts. The post with highest number of views on my blog has +2.500 views and the post with the lowest number has only 15 views.

To be honest, the ones with over 500 views are mainly visited due to some image search circumstances explained here, so views actually related to data quality varies between 15 and approximately 500. That’s still a huge difference.

I have still to find out precisely what makes the difference.

It can’t be the content, can it? Basically people don’t know the content before opening.

No doubt that time of posting – not to mention time of telling about posting on sites as Twitter and LinkedIn has something to say. On twitter the re-tweet action is important I have noticed. And of course re-tweet action relies on time and that the first readers found the content worth a re-tweet.

There is surely also a relation between number of comments and numbers of views. I see that in my numbers.

Obviously the title of the blog must be important. But from my numbers I can’t figure out how, except from an observation about that a technical title seem to rule over philosophical stuff as discussed here last year on DataQualityPro.

So, the title of this post is not the preface of explaining it all but a genuine question to you who by some reason came by:  What’s in a Blog Post Title?

7 thoughts on “What’s in a Blog Post Title?

  1. Garnie Bolling 17th July 2010 / 23:59

    What’s in a Blog Post Title? a thousand pictures. well, the illusion of the right picture… wait, the expect——-tation of content that is worth while.

    When you find that magic combination, please share… but from my point of view, I enjoy the posts you place out on the inet…

    keep up the fun/informative posts… wondering if I will come back with something humorous to post on this post … hmmm… not sure… but will be thinking about it 🙂

  2. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 18th July 2010 / 07:30

    Thanks Garnie. Glad you came by.

  3. Phil Simon 19th July 2010 / 12:21

    It’s a bit of a mystery to me as well, Henrik. I’d say that it’s 80% art and 20% science. I have heard about popular images but, I’d think, “image baiting” will increase the bounce rate and drive the wrong kind of traffic. Of course, there are those who don’t believe that there’s such a thing.

  4. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 19th July 2010 / 12:46

    Thanks for the comment Phil.

    About “image baiting” (using an image that will get unintended image search traffic): I even can’t guess what is going to be a “good image baiting” if I wanted to. My unintended traffic right now probably comes from images with:
    • Pearls
    • Gorilla
    • Euro coins
    • Tower of Babel
    • Penny Black

  5. Ener Hax 6th September 2010 / 05:52

    interesting, i too am a slave to metrics but have always counted that traffic was due, ultimately, to loyalty

    i have seen my traffic steadily increase over the last year (i blog at least once daily and have not missed a day in 14 months – see, i am OCD) =)

    time of day is important, especially when tweeting out the new post and day of the week is evident in traffic patterns

  6. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 6th September 2010 / 06:00

    Thanks Ener. Loyalty matters, of course you are right.

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